Saturday, 5 November 2011

Year of Projects Week 17

So this is how my sock is going. It would be much longer if I hadn't decided that I couldn't live with a (to me, glaringly obvious) mistake in the first pattern repeat. I'd finished 4 pattern repeats by that point, but I bit the bullet and frogged it back to the start of the pattern, and started again. I'm now on the 5th repeat, and it's looking good. I seem to have more repeats in my pattern than the projects on Ravelry, the average seems to be 6 before turning the heel, and I think I'm going to need nine, so I'm worried my gauge is wrong... I hope I have enough yarn to finish the pair.

I wasn't sure about this yarn for the pattern, because the toe turned out pretty stripey, but I've decided I like it, as the purl parts break up the stripes and I love the leafy vine parts in these autumnal colours

I also decided I needed a quick gratification project this week, so I decided to finish on of the WIPs on my list.

Meet Betty the Blob:
She's a monster blob from the Monster Chunks pattern by Rebecca Danger.

Last time she featured on this blog, she looked like this:
I did frog that foot though and knit it again, as when I came back to it, it looked like a mess

According to Ravelry, I started this project in March 2010, so it's well overdue to be finished. It's made with scrap acrylic which came from my Gran's knitting stash and must be about 20 years old, as it's left over from the baby clothes that she made me. I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of embroidering toy faces, and I'm also not very good at it, so her face does look a little strange. I think I achieved the pouty effect I wanted though.

And here she is with her boyfriend Bob, who is thrilled that she's finally finished! Don't they make a cute couple?

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  1. I really like that yarn/pattern combo too. Very autumnal! I hope you don't run out of yarn, too!

  2. I love the face embroidery! The lips are great!

  3. Very cute - I have a similar acrylic yarn from my grandma in my stash too :).

  4. Haha love those little monsters! And your sock is great!