Friday, 22 July 2011

Year of Projects Week 2

It's update number 2 for the year of projects blog-a-long, and my cabled baby hoodie is coming along really well
Since I took this picture, I've finished both the fronts and the back.
I've done my best to match up the stripes, and it's gone pretty well. I'm not entirely sure why they stop matching at the top, but I'm not sure there's anything I can do about that...

I did have to reknit the top of the left side 3 times. I really have no idea what went wrong there...


  1. Looks really great!!! You are super fast.

  2. Very pretty! I wonder if left slants and right slants use slightly different amounts of yarn. That would throw the stripes off.

  3. Looks all yummy and snuggly. Very nice work with the stripes too!

  4. It looks so cute :) Excellent job matching up the stripes, although I wouldn't worry about the top not quite matching, it's too cute for anyone to notice!

  5. That looks fantastic! I love the variegated yarn with the cables