Wednesday, 6 July 2011

H is for... Hello Kitty

I have mentioned before that I am slightly obsessed with Hello Kitty, but until I started this post, I didn't actually know the scale of my collection, and what's even more surprising, I've only bought 4 of these things myself.
These are my clothes: 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs of socks and some pants (you know you wanted to see them, but they had to be included for completeness' sake). The pink t-shirt started the entire collection, when I bought it several years ago! I also bought the other t-shirt and the pants...
DS case and game cases, phone case, buttons, key chains, stickers and a gift label
My well worn and much loved wallet and purse, plus another purse, mirror, necklace and earrings
DVD (yes that was a joke!), colouring book (umm... it was a joke, I promise *shifty eyes*) and folder (the only other thing I bought apart from clothes!)
Picture, picture frame, mug, doorstop, and a selection of cards. I've had many more cards, stickers and wrapping paper in my time!
Umbrella! In my favourite colours too.
Build-a-bear hello kitty, wearing hello kitty dress and slippers, ty hello kitty toy and keyring, four pez dispensers: two classic hello kitty, one of hello kitty's friends U*SA*HA*NA (great name there!) and one soft toy pez dispenser. the boy buys me a hello kitty pez dispenser at every celebration, mainly because it's an excuse to buy pez sweets, which he loves!
This is a washbag, pencil case and a bag. The bag is the reason why this post took so long. I got it out to take a picture and it was disgusting! I scrubbed it twice with a vanish bar (stain remover) and washed it at 95 degrees twice, which made it really clean, but the hello kitty patch on the front had stretched and had big wrinkles in it. So I ripped it off with my stitch unpicker, ironed and repositioned it, and sewed it back on. Now, instead of looking old and ratty, the bag looks cute and vintage, so it was an evening well spent!

I'm not sure if that's of interest to anyone but me, but I was impressed to see just how much stuff I have accumulated over the years of collecting.

In other news, I got a job! It's working with Coca-Cola, and when I went to the interview, the advert for the job I'd actually applied to had been wrong, it had said 3 months temporary post whilst the post actually lasted for 1 year. However, they had a two month job that had just been created, and they offered me that job the next day. I'm so happy, especially as my car and insurance were cheaper than I thought they would be, so I might actually make that American road trip next summer...

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  1. I love the umbrella! My friend's daughter is 4 next week and she loves Hello Kitty. I've found her a Hello Kitty birthday card, and I've crocheted her a Hello Kitty bag :)

  2. OMG I love Hello Kitty. Love all your kitty things. I'm taking part in Blog a long too. Love your list. Esp the Tubby. Good luck with your list.x

  3. :) I'm a huuuuuuuge Hello Kitty fan too! My favorite items is a porcelain hello kitty geisha and my Hello Kitty humidifier.

  4. What-no Hello Kitty toaster? Love your collection, and congrats on the new job!

  5. That's a lot of hello kitty! I love colouring books btw, so no judgement here ;)

    Congrats on the job - that's great news!

  6. Yep I'm partial to coloring in books too;)
    My fav would be the umbrella, Hello Kitty is so cute.
    Enjoy your new job.

  7. Ohhh, my God, so many cute hello kitty, i love it very much. <3