Tuesday, 12 July 2011

J is for... Job

This is very short post this week

I had my sort of induction for my job today (I have my real induction later this week). It's exactly what I expected, going round stores at lunchtime and restocking coca-cola products (which actually are a lot more things that I realised 'til I started researching.) I did get a bit of a baptism of fire, because the woman I was shadowing came to one store to find two of her bosses, who wanted to do an entire stock check, as the store had said that they were consistently running out of stock. Anyway, I did my best to be helpful, and didn't get lost once, which is a a big plus for me! It doesn't look hard and I'm looking forward to starting. My start date was put back to a week on Wednesday, so I've got a bit of time to sit round the house and knit before then.

The boy is working for my mum, painting the outside of the house since we now have new windows. Her logic was that she would have to pay someone else if he wasn't there, and she knows he'll do a good job. He also has work experience with a lawyers office sometime soon. I just wish that the University would sort out his resits, as what they are currently asking him to do isn't fair. He ended up doing resits as he was mugged and stabbed last Christmas, so he was taking a lot of painkillers during the January exams. He explained this to them at the time, but they've been so awful at sorting out that he didn't get what he was entitled to for his resits. I wouldn't usually do this, but if people can hope and pray that they sort this out he and I would be so grateful, or he won't manage to graduate next year, and he can't afford to do another year.

I really hope they get this sorted.


  1. I hope things turn out well for you both. You deserve a break!

  2. I'll keep the good thoughts for you! Good luck with the Job.

  3. Good luck with the new job and for your son with the school issues.

  4. Good thoughts for your boy :)

    And good luck for you too ;)

  5. Really hope you enjoy your job. Sounds as though it might be fun. And good luck to your boy. Sorry to hear he has had such a rough time.

  6. Sending lots of positive energy to you both