Sunday, 22 April 2012

Year of Projects Week 42

The boy's scarf is finally finished!
The vital statistics: It is 7 foot 4 long and 9.5 inches wide, containing approximately 82,280 stitches (yes I was geeky enough to work it out). It uses nearly 1.5 km of yarn and has taken 2 years and 3 months to finish. And I am so proud of it! When we went out for a meal on the evening of Connor's birthday, I had 6 ends to weave in. I was so close. I got it all finished the next morning though, and he didn't mind it being a bit late.
A close up of the design at each end. I think this turned out really well. The only annoying thing, which couldn't be helped, is that obviously the stitches are the opposite way round on one end compared to the other, though it's not that noticeable. I was worried about the change in colour half way through the scarf, where there is obvious striping thanks to the same dye lots being different colours. However, it's not noticeable when the scarf is worn because it sits on the side of the neck, which is the main thing.

It is like working a 1.5 foot wide scarf in 1x1 rib, so it takes forever, especially as you also have to juggle 2 balls of yarn. And I'm totally nuts because I'm already planning my next one, though it is for me so will be much shorter! And it seems like Connor likes it (I think calling him the boy is confusing. He's my boyfriend and I call him that in real life, but I think it's much harder to get a clear meaning across on my blog, so I'm going to stick with his name.)

Taken yesterday in one of the breaks in the torrential rain. He refused to smile properly though, since he knew the picture was going on the blog. The pattern for the scarf will hopefully be out next week sometime, if anyone is mad enough to try it!

Since I finished this, I picked up my Central Park Hoodie again. When I left it, it only had a back and half a left front, but since Thursday it has gained a right and left front, and half a sleeve
I've nicknamed this my Pudsey Park Hoodie, as it's nowhere near posh enough to be Central Park, since the yarn is 80% acrylic and 20% wool, and very cheap. But I like it a lot, just like I enjoy being in Pudsey Park (the park in my hometown) though no one could ever call it posh.


  1. The scarf looks super, well done on getting it complete.
    Love the look of your hoodie and you've made great progress on it since Thursday.

  2. Yep. I'm jealous of your double-knitting prowess. I haven't delved into that (yet - I may never).

    With that said, I call Brian "Husband" and I call Arthur "Little Man" on my blog...just to keep it straight. I also have "Sweet Girl" which is Husband's niece, Chloe. There's also "Peanut" which is Husband's cousin son, James. If I have another boy (if I ever have another kid), he'll be "Big Guy" and if I have a girl (again, if I ever have another kid), she'll be "Mini Me."

    It makes sense to me :)

  3. The scarf is fantastic! Great job and your hoodie is coming along quickly now. I bet we see a finished object on that in the next week or two!

  4. Great scarf, although it looks like a monumental task. I asked Gavin what I should call him on my blog, and he replied rather sarcastically that if Superman wasn't the first thing that came to mind, maybe I'd better stick with his name. LOL.

    Your hoodie looks plenty posh to me. Don't cables automatically make anything more posh?

  5. The scarf is did a fab job! And your pudsey park hoodie is looking very good, I reckon you must be feeling pretty smug with your progress this week!

  6. Smiling or not, boyfriend looks great in his new scarf! It is utterly amazing!

  7. I LOVE your colorwork - the design looks fabulous! It looks great on your man. My husband gets called just that, or Jeff. Baby C gets a whole slew of little monikers as the mood strikes me ;)

  8. Awesome scarf! He looks properly serious for a public photo :).

  9. Dude that is one awesome scarf. I look forward to seeing the pattern when you've written it up, as I'm sure Jamie would appreciate me working the motif into something or other, massive nerd that he is :)

  10. Fantastic scarf! I love the hoodie too, that is one of my favourite patterns (that I'll make one day...)