Saturday, 28 April 2012

3KCBWday6 - Improving Your Skillset

I'm pretty proud of my knitting skillset to be honest. I can:

Knit lace
Knit garments (which fit)
Double knit
Knit socks

Look, the hoodie fits! Plus, this is a really cute picture...

I can also:
Cross stitch
Machine sew
Spin (in a fashion)

But there are still things I want to learn to do.

Colourwork - I love the look of fair isle, and I really want to try it. I think I'm going to start with some fair isle mittens, or maybe socks
Spinning - I just need to get more skilled at this. I have some fibre and my spindle, I just need to sit down for a weekend and have a go
Crochet - I have some hooks and some yarn, I just haven't got round to trying it yet. I love crochet ripple blankets and amigurumi
Quilting - I love quilts, this will be tried soon
Sewing clothes - how cool would it be to be able to tailor your clothes to fit you perfectly?

My major problem with expanding my skillset is not a lack of motivation, but a lack of time. I can sit down and knit in front of the TV on an evening after placement, but learning something new takes time to be set aside to do it, as well as brainpower to get it done! There really needs to be more than 24 hours in a day...


  1. Your list of want to tries looks a lot like mine except I already sew clothes, I haven't tried cross stitch and have very little spinning experience. I would love to knit a fair isle tam - small and lovely - Kate Davies has some beautiful ones!

  2. I completely agree. Motivation has never been my problem but time? There are never enough hours in the day to get what I want to get done, done!

  3. At your level of knitting, you should be able to pick up crochet really fast! I taught myself last year from a copy of "The Happy Hooker" and a bunch of YouTube videos, and was surprised at how easy it was to get the basics.

    That *is* a really cute picture. :)

  4. I agree, once you have comfort with knitting or crocheting, learning the other is much easier.