Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Year of Projects Week 16

I think it's time for a review of my list, since in 16 weeks I've only completed 3 projects. My list is currently looking a bit overambitious... I've not removed many projects, but I've removed big ones

So onto the new list:

Betty the blob
Central Park Hoodie
The boy's scarf
Build-a-bear clothes

New Projects
Cabled Jacket with Hood for the God-daughter's christening present - completed 14th August 2011
Tubby by Anna Hrachovec
Arielle by Kim Hargreaves
Jumper for Mum
Pug Dog Washcloth for H's birthday - completed 3rd October 2011
Dishcloth for V's birthday
Make-up Socks
Textured Cushion by Amy Butler for the boy

2/13 completed


Tatty Teddy bookmark

New Projects
Popcorn bookmark for H
Gran's birthday embroidery
Blackwork test stitch - completed 10th July 2011

1/4 completed

These are things that I would still like to complete this year, and will still be included in the list, but I will not count them as part of the challenge (i.e. I don't need to finish them to complete my list):
Cross stitch for the boy
Map of Yorkshire

So far, I've done one pattern repeat on my socks. Hopefully, I'll have more time to stitch next week, so more will get done!


  1. It would be boring to have the whole 2011 list done before the end of 2011, right? It looks like you're making nice progress!

  2. Aw, don't feel overwhelmed quite yet! Just keep working diligently and I know you'll be able to finish everything. :)
    I was very careful with my own list to keep to small projects. It made for a more impressive-looking list, yet something that was feasible for my time constraints. (And still, I have weeks where I don't work on any of them, at all.)
    It's still early, so don't throw in the towel.

  3. But you have until the end of June? At first I thought you had until the end of 2011. That doesn't look so bad then! :-)

  4. Ah, but if you notice, I've removed most of the sewing ones. I know how long it takes me to knit and stitch, and I can reasonably do a lot more knitting than sewing. Also, I do have a dissertation to write and hospital placements to do at the same time =)

  5. Love the yarn for your sock.

    I just can't participate in year of projects because I change my mind every day :D

  6. Good idea to remove some projects if you were feeling overwhelmed - getting rid of the pressure hopefully makes everything a little more enjoyable! I didn't join YoP, because just having a list of things I "must" complete in a certain time frame stresses me out!

  7. The toe looks so interesting in your toe-up project.