Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Year of Projects Week 12 & 13

I've actually finished a project for my year of projects! And I'm pretty proud of it.

One of my best friends at uni, H, loves pugs, and I wanted to make her a silly present for her birthday in October. I had a search of pug themed patterns on Ravelry and I didn't find anything I liked that would knit up quickly (though I did find this, which is so amazingly tacky I have to make it for her one day). So I made my own pattern. It's not perfect, but I think it looks like a pug, and I'm pretty pleased with it. I'll probably post it on here at some point, for people to have a go with if they want to make their own/improve on mine.

I've also not had time to stop all week. I've started my dissertation project, which means I am trying to get my head around what I'm doing and write my introduction, whilst also getting used to the lab, and all the equipment and protocols. I've also been running fresher's events for trampolining, to try and encourage new members, and this is the first evening I've had off in about 2 weeks.

(Warning: Gross) I managed to disgrace myself epically last night at the taster session we were running (where people can come try out the sport for free), by getting the first injury of the year. I was doing one of the most simple moves, when I got my toes caught on the trampoline and managed to rip off most of my big toenail. And then, because the sports centre has new receptionists who seem to not know what they're doing, I managed to bleed all over reception. I got back on a trampoline 5 minutes later though!

And now back to the dissertation introduction. Anyone know anything about eNOS?


  1. Yay! Congratulations on your FO! And how awesome that it's your own pattern! Ooooh getting your nail ripped off sounds very painful (thanks for the warning by the way ;-)) I hope it's not hurting too much!! Happy Crafting! x Lily

  2. OMy, congrats on going for that higher degree! That is perseverance and determination at their best! Good luck and I have no idea what you're talking about unfortunately.
    I can see the pug. Sweet for your friend. She'll love it.

  3. Talk about gross...
    I burned myself before Thanksgiving last year. Had a four inch burn on my arm that turned into three extremely large blisters that hung down.

  4. Great dishcloth - the pug face jumps out at me! Well done!

  5. Ouch poor toe !! I LOVE your PUG cloth. I've had Pugs for most of my life and at the moment am Pugsitting for my daughter. He's a little rascal - proper name is Atomic Blonde but we call him Tommy. Can't imagine why his breeder labelled him with blonde in his name. Is there any way I can please get the pattern as I know my daughter would be thrilled to receive a cloth like yours. My email is - if its possible. Thank you so much.