Monday, 15 August 2011

Year of Projects Week 5 & 6

It's finally finished! And only a week late!

And I'm so proud of it! It's my first ever garment and I think it came out really well. It's quite hard to tell in the picture, but I used 5 quite plain silver buttons, which I think set off the whole hoodie really well, without looking too much with the heavily patterned yarn. And all the stripes match up (mostly, but we won't mention the top of the front, where I think my gauge altered...)

I only made one modification to the pattern, and that was to have five buttons instead of one. I can't see this being used as a jumper if it doesn't fasten up all the way, because it won't keep her very warm that way.

The back shows that the stripes match up all the way round, though there is a slight change from the back to the hood.

The only thing that surprised me was that in all the pattern notes I've read on Rav, people have been commenting that they just had enough yarn to finish, but I have a ball and a quarter left over... Ah well, I'll make more preemie bonnets to give to the hospital!

And to follow my comment that it looked, last week, like I was making it for a baby octopus. After I knitted the hood it looked even worse!

But I am ridiculously proud of this hoodie, and I hope they send me a picture of her wearing it!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming of actually posting on my blog, and reading other peoples'...

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  1. Its a wonderful hoody and you should be proud of it. I love the yarn and the left over yarn will make some lovely hats.
    I also liked the idea of the 5 buttons better than the 1, it will get more use that way I think

  2. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! You are right to be proud of it!

    And I have to say, I didn't even notice the not-quite-lined-up stripes on the front until you pointed it out :)

  3. Beautiful. So lovely. Well done for completing it.

  4. It's lovely, well done and honestly I wouldn't have noticed the front not matching if you hadn't have pinted it out. The yarn is really pretty too :)

  5. Congratulations! It's absolutely precious and you have every reason to be proud.

  6. Well done! Someday I will have the nerve to try a pattern like that.

  7. I love it, so cute! You should be proud, and I'm very impressed with your matching stripes (I wouldn't have the patience!)

  8. That's beautiful - well done, you're right to be proud of it!

  9. It looks fantastic, I am very impressed that you matched the stripes

  10. Wow! This is your first ever completed garment!? Whoo hoo, you have every reason to be proud. Gorgeous pattern, gorgeous yarn choice.

  11. adorable! And it really did look like an octpus. Don't you love it when it when something looks really weird and the finishing touches happen and it is awesome?