Monday, 8 August 2011

Year of Projects Week 4

This is last week's post, since our phone line was cut off last week, so I didn't manage to post. My Mum forgot to pay the bill!
This is how the jumper for my God-daughter looked on Saturday. Looks like it's intended for a baby octopus! I was very impressed with the way I managed to get the stripes to match up, especially since they go all the way around.

Unfotunately I didn't get it finished for the christening on Sunday, but since I had got her a charm bracelet, I didn't mind too much. I'll get it posted to her next week. The christening was lovely, even though Lauren was ill. She looked beautiful and didn't cry once, though her face was a picture when the water was poured on her head. I was her godmother for only an hour when I managed to let her fall down a step though. I have never known a baby run so fast, but luckily she wasn't hurt. It was also really nice to see all my family again, and they finally got to meet the boy at last.

I hope I get a picture of her wearing it when it's finished!


  1. Nice job on those stripes, that's fantastic! Are those cables on the edges? It looks great, even if it is a little bit octopus like at the moment ;)

  2. That is a lovely sweater! Yes, babies seem to be faster these days. Just spent a few days with my nephews, and I'm still tired!

  3. That's lovely! The wool is gorgeous! Thank you for entering my giveaway ( Good luck! best wishes, Laura x