Wednesday, 17 August 2011

WIP Wednesday - blackwork

This is a test stitch that I'm not supposed to be doing at the moment. Well I am supposed to be doing the test stitch, but what I really should be doing is figuring out how to put together the tapestry frame I was just given, so I can stitch my Gran's 70th birthday present. But of course, I'm stitching this and trying to upgrade my computer system. It's prevaricating, but it's enjoyable!

The tapestry frame is quite exciting actually. It belongs to my Granny (my Dad's mum), and after she died it was given to my Gran's (Mum's mum) sister. She has since stopped stitching, so now it's made its way back to me. I can't wait to try it out, but I am not good at orientation or building things, so I need someone to figure it out for me. All I see is several large bits of wood...

I'm also trying to take better pictures (note the artistic picture up top). It doesn't seem to be going very well. Any suggestions? Remembering of course, that I don't yet have a camera and they're all taken on my phone.

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  1. LOL I love your procrastination. I was looking on Pintrest yesterday (Yep when I should have been doing other things ;) ) and found a quote that said 'I am dealing with my procrastination, just you wait and see...' Made me smile.
    I'm no expert with photography but my friend is and she always says to use natural light wherever possible so you might be better if you can take your photos near a big window or even outside. HTH.

  2. I'm awfully lazy myself so I know how that goes! So nice to know that I am not alone.

    @Nic I adore that quote and I will have to use it!

  3. Take pictures outside whenever possible, in shade rather than direct sunlight. Fill your frame and take note of what's in the background of your shot! I've never had a decent shot taken inside with my phone but some of my shots taken outside have been fine.

  4. Oh I love the blackwork, and even more cause it's pink!!!

    Good luck with your bits of wood!

  5. I love your pink blackwork. How exciting to get a frame that's worked it's way around the family.

  6. Just popping back to let you know you are the lucky winner for my giveaway! You can email me at with your address and I shall get your package off to you as soon as I can :)