Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What to start with?

Well I guess the best way is to get straight into it! This is my lastest project, made for the boy for Valentine's (as is probably obvious!) The pattern  for the heart can be found here:

Of course, he took me out for a very lovely and expensive meal and bought me flowers to make up for it! But this thing took way longer than expected to make, so I couldn't let him in the bedroom for the best part of 2 days. And I had to buy my own champagne....

Then today I started my new big cross stitch WIP:

I'm sure you probably can't guess what it is yet, but I'll let you find out in time. All I can say is that is has to be done by May, and to give you an idea of the magnitude of it, it is 12x14" has 100 colours and is stitched over 28 count evenweave (meaning there are 28 stitches to the inch). Sometimes I think I'm insane...
And this is in addition to the scarf that I promised I would knit for the boy, but more on that at a later date when I will probably rant about how long it's taking.

In other news, I just bought the boy a warhammer predator (yes, he has a geeky hobby just like me) on ebay, since I promised him one for Christmas and I couldn't find one.

Oh, and I'm on a cleaning strike, so I'm now living in a mouldy house. I just want to know if my housemates will notice the squalour before I crack and clean. Somehow I doubt it....

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