Monday, 21 February 2011

Kitty dresses!

I think the most productive thing I've done today is finally finish the pinafore dress for my hello kitty build-a-bear which I have been adapting from this pattern:

It's not been easy to make, as although the hello kitty is the same height as these dolls, she's a lot wider, and I forgot about the stockinette stitch curl! So yesterday, I sewed it all together and found the skirt was curling horribly. So of course, clever me decided to try ironing it to get the curl out and in the process managed to kill the acrylic yarn...

Anyway, I finally decided to pick up and knit another 4 rows of garter stitch, and I think it's turned out pretty well. See what you think:

Anyway, the next thing I need to do is knit her a matching bow, which I've just started and a jacket to go with it from the same pattern book.
If you happen to be interested in making this, the pattern should fit any build a bear, and you can just ask me for my changes!

In other news, I had a trampolining competition at the weekend, so spent the day for 7:40 to 5:30 at the sports hall on campus. I did epically badly, coming 41st out of 44 in the lowest category (embarrassing since I help run the club!), but we had 4 people qualify for nationals and everyone enjoyed it so it was a success!

But since I did so badly, to cheer me up the boy took me to build-a-bear and I got a dressing gown and slippers for kitty, so she's been very spoiled this weekend, and  I feel a bit like a small child...

One of my housemates has decided to put up a bin rota, since she has (shock horror) taken the bin out twice, and so has marked herself as not having to do it again for a while. Perhaps I should note on the fact that up until this week either me or the boy have taken the bin out every other day this year?

Anyway, all these competitions and knitting are not good for my coursework, which I haven't even started yet. But it is the most ridiculous thing in the WORLD, since I have to write a "story of a consultation" in emotive language with no referencing. I'm a medical student and I feel like I'm writing the same sort of thing I was asked to do in year 6 (aged 10).

Sometimes I despair...

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