Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hair bow - free pattern

I finished my hair bow pattern for kitty and realised it would make a lovely hair ornament for a very girly girl, so I thought I'd give you the pattern in case anybody wants to make it!

Now available as a free PDF: Download now


Here are me and kitty both wearing it. All I did was to exchange the hair bobble for velcro for kitty

Needles: 3mm
Yarn: DK (I used Paton's Fab DK)
Gauge: 26 stitches to 4inches/10cm

In the main colour, make 2 alike
CO 26
Gt-st 30
Cast off

Sew all edges together with mattress stitch. Then using a spare length of yarn, put a hair band on the back and wrap the yarn round both the hair band and the sewed together rectangles to make a bow shape. Pictures as this is hard to explain:

Click for larger image

The bow can be left like this, or a centre piece can be knitted in a contrasting colour:
CO 7
St-st 28
Cast off

Wrap around the centre of the bow and secure at the back


The flower is also optional – if adding, attach to the centre band before sewing the band onto the bow

CO 4
Knit though front and back of each stitch (8)
Knit though front and back of each stitch (16)
Cast off loosely
Sew edges together

Sew to centre band and sew a cross stitch in the middle

And there you have it, a pretty hair ornament for a pretty girl, or for a hello kitty build-a-bear if you're very cool like me!

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