Monday, 27 August 2012

Second Year of Projects Week 9

I'm a bit late with my post this week thanks to a lovely trip to see my parents, and a not so lovely burglary when we got home...
This is our back door, somebody managed to get through that and take 2 laptops. Luckily the alarm was set, so they didn't manage to get anything else,though  they've turned the place upside down. I'll have to tidy it at some point,but I don't feel like it right now! The major problem is that our neighbours replaced the fence at the bottom of the garden, and removed our gate even though we asked them not to, so it was like an open door into our private garden. We've told the landlord and the police, so there's not much else we can do now.

So onto a more happy note, I've finished one of my Ghostie socks
I finally gave up on the original knitting I was doing, and decided to swatch with less stitches, because the socks were coming out massive.
Original size compared to swatch. I now have only 3 ghosties around the sock, and some have eyes or noses that span two rows rather than one, but they still look cute and seem to have come out well, so I don't really mind that they're not exactly as intended. At least they're not like trouser legs any more! I also substituted an afterthought heel, as I wanted to keep the ghostie pattern going throughout the sock, and the pattern itself had a flap and gusset heel which distorted the pattern.

The reason we went to my parents this weekend was to see this little thing:
Meet Amber, my parents' new, mad and slightly bitey puppy. She is tiny and adorable, but woe betide you if you are wearing shoes, skirts or bracelets, because they will be eaten! Looks like butter wouldn't melt doesn't she?

We also decided to take a day trip to the seaside at Whitby with my best friend D,who I have know since we were both 4, and her boyfriend. The weather was perfect, and we saved the other two dogs from the puppy for a while, since she won't let them sleep and likes to jump on their head.
 D and Connor decided to go swimming in the north sea in their underwear...

 Multi coloured beach huts!
There was even a pirate ship!

 I also got two amazing presents, the first was from my parents' holiday to the Orkneys
North Ronaldsay fibre. These are really interesting sheep, because they live on the beach and only eat seaweed. They eat only at low tide, then go up the beach at high tide to ruminate

I also got my first ever fleece, from a family friend's Shetland sheep
He told my dad that he had a sheep for us, and he wasn't kidding. We got a fully butchered lamb as well as this fleece, so that was very kind of him. Now I just need to research exactly how to deal with a fleece. Anyone know any good resources?


  1. Is the fleece processed at all or not? If it's not processed at all, I would consider spending the money to have it cleaned and carded into batts or roving, rather than doing it yourself.

    If it's been cleaned, at least, then you can just card it and go :)

  2. Argh that's terrible this robbery! two laptops... As you say the good note, they did not have time to do worth. I have heart sometimes because the do not find enough, the just vandalize the place, happy it was not your case, even if they left some mess.

    For the fleece I have no answer for you, I had some Alpaca before, but it seems it is not at all the same process.

  3. Oh no! I hope that you get sorted soon after the burglary, thankfully they didn't get too much!!

    The ghosties are looking fab :)

    I wouldn't know where to start with the fleece so good luck with that!

  4. So sorry to hear about the robbery, that's awful :( Hope everything gets sorted as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    Loving the socks, they are awesome!

  5. How frightening to be burgled -- so sorry to hear about that but glad to know you all are safe. Amber is adorable (bitey or not) and your knitty things are yummy!

  6. PIA neighbors..perhaps they will do ask you ask now that you have been burgled...

    I had a large powerful dog that kept everyone away and my doors unlocked 24/7..but someone rifled through my car once...took the change in the cupholders..nothing big.. Since then I keep an envelope taped to the visor.. It say "TAKE ME, LEAVE THE REST.." Inside is a note that says..NEED HELP? Call..###### or knock on my door..along with 20 bucks...

    When break in's happen in my tiny is generally someone desperate and needing help.. not idiot gangsta's that feel the need to rob and trash..*sigh* sorry for your loss...

    on a bright note..what a face..could't get a much cuter puppy..Whatever you do with the fleece..I want some!

  7. Well, crud! What a crappy thing to come home to. Such a feeling of frustration and violation. I hope you get some order back to your place, and some peace of mind. I really enjoyed your trip to the sea photos-it looks cold though...was it? Especially fascinating to an all American girl like me, is that castle in the background of the one photo! How impressive and stunning looking.
    *smiles and cheery thoughts*

  8. Having been the victim of burglary at the beginning of the year, you have my sympathy. It took me ages to get over the horrible feeling of knowing someone else was in my house. At least they didn't take much and you weren't home at the time.

    Amber is so cute!!

  9. Awe, I'm so sorry to hear about your bad time. Hope things look up !

  10. Thanks for sharing these interesting things about the North Ronaldsays. I have some yarn from the Nude Ewe ("Ron") from these sheep so that is really interesting to me!

    I think your ghost sock modifications are great - the socks still look super cute!