Friday, 9 December 2011

FO Friday - a selection

I'm sorry I've been so absent, both from posting and from commenting over the last couple of weeks. Uni work  has taken over my life, and it will probably stay that way until January 19th when I finally hand my dissertation in. I have been doing some crafting though, on my down time, but since I leave the house when it's dark and get home after dark most days, I've not managed to take any pictures, until now!

This is a little preemie cardigan and matching bonnet for the NICU at QMC (both patterns available here along with several others). It's so tiny, literally dolls clothes size, and I can't believe it'll fit a real baby. I love making these things, as I hope it brings some comfort to the parents to know that someone they don't know cares enough to hand make clothes for their child. There are a lot of girly outfits in the collection box, so I thought I'd make one that was more unisex. They were so quick to knit up, and used tiny amounts of yarn as well.
These were started at a preemie baby knitting workshop, which I ran at the students union. Unfortunately, only 2 people turned up, but we had a lovely time, and were kept in hysterics by the Chinese students' talent show next door! I used some yarn that I got from the Knit-a-soc donation box (my University knitting society), so I have no idea what it is.

Then the boy started complaining that his hands were cold, and he couldn't grip his bike properly, so I made him a quick pair of gloves
And yes, I am having my usual problems photographing black. They're FAB DK, which is cheap and cheerful acrylic, but quite soft and very hard wearing. Plus they grip well, which is perfect for bike riding in the rain. The pattern called for 4ply yarn, but knitting them with DK makes them thicker, and the gauge is still fine (though the cuff seems to be a bit big, I think he has small wrists!). It did cause a couple of holes by the fingers though, but I just sewed them up (*gasp* I hear you say, that's knitting blasphemy).
Still not a very good picture of black, but it gives you an idea what the cuffs look like. I would definitely start with less stitches next time and increase, though I didn't have this problem last time I made this pattern out of DK weight.

Finally, birthday season is upon me! I've made a couple of birthday presents, one of which will appear in my year of projects update next time I manage to find the time to write one, but this is a very silly one I made for D, who's been my best friend since we were 4.

It's a dugong in a top hat! Pattern is here and my pattern notes for the top hat are here. It's inspired by this video (warning, very catchy!) which we loved at school (and I think we both still do...)

Watch it, it's hilarious!


  1. Bahahaha. I love the manatee/dugong. I hope your friend likes it!

  2. Love the dugong, the top hat is so cute!

    As for sewing up glove holes - I don't think it's blasphemy, I'd do exactly the same thing ;)

  3. I'm sure the new parents will love the baby clothes.

    and the dugong is too cute!

  4. Such a sweet preemie set. I need to get some charity knitting done as soon as the Christmas rush passes, will have to bookmark the pattern.

  5. the baby set is adorable - but I love the dugong and its HAT! haha

  6. LOVE all of your projects but especially the preemie outfit. My neices were preemies and I didn't get to meet them until they were a couple of months old since I wasn't allowed in the ward. Your gift is very wonderful and don't fret about only two people showing up. That is two more people who are spreading love through knitting.

  7. All that crafting while working on a dissertation? You're awesome. And so is the Dugong ... looks very characteristic now that I've had a look at WIKI. My mind went to Manatee too.

  8. That IS a lot done considering how busy you are with school. Stars in your heavenly crown for knitting the preemie sets. I had a baby six weeks early and were so, so lucky--he came home with me a few days later. But five years later when we were at the ER with him (pneumonia) he was given a simple quilt made of froggie fabric that was donated to the hospital for sick children, and it's still a favorite of his.

  9. I love all the FOs in this post, but I cannot. Stop. Looking at the dugong in a top hat. Too cute for words!!